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Glass painting, souvenir Khas Cirebon

OTHER THAN sintren, tarling, and batik, glass painting seems is one of the traditional arts of Cirebon are able to survive at this time, although it must be recognized also the artists painting the same glass Cirebon Cirebon with other artists, gasp and concern.

One of Dian Mulyadi MW, a temperamental young artists to preserve the heart of art painted glass Cirebon. In 1997 he founded Sanggar Sunyaragi Nature conservation as a place of art and culture, especially painting Cirebon glass.

Dian said, the themes and style of painting glass Cirebon culture influenced China, Islam and puppet stories. Tradition of painting art glass with the media actually has developed several centuries ago, and the development of the ebb and flow, where the artists and find some stylish image of typical glass. Glass painting reputedly came from China that was brought by traders to the area of Cirebon, but are certainly not have to know the history.

The influence of China is very strong due to the centuries since-16 Shrimp City was call on the traders from China who has been accidentally introduced to the art multiformity population, so the idea arose among the traditional artist to create images on glass and menirunya.

Perhaps since the century to 17 BC, Glass Painting is well known in Cirebon, together with the berkembanganya Religion of Islam in Java. During the government of Queen Panembahan in Cirebon Glass Painting is very popular as the media propaganda in the form of Islamic calligraphy Painting Glass and a Glass Painting Wayang.

The influence of Islam spread by the trustee is also a characteristic of glass painting from Cirebon. "Even after the influence of China, the images produced by artists associated with the traditional Islamic kabah such as pictures, calligraphy and mosque contains verses the Qur'an or Hadith," he said.

The influence of the story comes from the puppet puppet show that the guardian diperagakan to spread Islam. Strong belief that good puppet figures, the craftsmen create glass paintings always show figures such as Kresna, Arjuna, Rama, Lesmana, and others.

According to Dian, glass painting is an ebb and flow. 19th century until the early 20th century or to the 1950s heyday is a glass painting. This is evidenced at that time almost all the houses in Cirebon there is glass painting. Painting glass is not just an ornament, as repellent is believed the troops.

In the 1960s, the fate of the artists also began painting glass away. However, the early 1980s, the back glass painting and a twist of good. "Since then, a number of glass artists began to realize that this traditional art needs to be developed and dilestarikan," he said.

Dian also said, with the painting glass Cirebon, we can see the tremendous beauty, especially when asked difficulties do so. Necessarily required the exercise of serious and painstaking in order to produce a neat, beautiful, and meaningful.

In line with the development of the time, the development of the Glass Painting existence still feels as souvenir Specific Khas Cirebon. Glass Painting Why is called the specific product? it is because Cirebon Glass Painting painted with paint techniques upside, rich color gradation and nuance of the harmonization and displaying decorative ornaments or decorative motives multiformity Mega cloudy and Wadasan which we know as Motif Batik Cirebon.

Until now, Nature Sunyaragi Sanggar with a No.19 Jalan Karang Jalak this, able to produce between 40 to 50 paintings a month. Glass painting products offered are quite variatif, ranging from glass painting puppet, Cirebon calligraphy, Islamic calligraphy, Batik Cirebon, Oriental, and motifs such as cartoon characters disney.

Glass painting works that have characteristics in the style of coloring Dian Mulyadi already exported to many foreign countries such as Singapore and Korea. "Most of the orders for the restaurants there, and the number of orders could reach the hundreds," augment him.

Dance Drama in Khas Jawa

Ramayana Ballet, Dance Drama in Khas Jawa

Ramayana Ballet performance art that is beautiful, amazing and difficult tertandingi. The show is able to unify Java multiformity art form of dance, drama and music in one stage and one momentum to pass the Ramayana story, a legendary epic Walmiki works written in Sanskrit.

Ramayana story that brought on this show is similar to that terpahat at Prambanan. As many told, the story of Ramayana terpahat a Hindu temple in tercantik similar to the story in oral tradition in India. The way the story is long and tense be in play or four innings, kidnapping Sinta, Anoman mission to Alengka, Kumbakarna death or Rahwana, and meeting re-Rama Sinta.

All are stories in the series of dance movement that brought by the dancers who accompanied the handsome gamelan music. You start to really late in the story and read every movement of the dancers to learn the story of the road. There is no dialogue terucap from the dancers, the only speaker is sinden story that describes the way through the songs in the Java language with a unique voice.

The story begins when Prabu Janaka a contest to determine the assistant Shinta Dewi (puterinya), which eventually won Rama Wijaya. Proceed with the adventure Rama, Shinta and brother of a man named Rama Laksmana in the forest Dandaka. In the forest that they met Rahwana who want to have because it is considered as Shinta Dewi Widowati incarnation, a woman who has long been dicarinya.

To attract Shinta, a change Rahwana followers named Marica a Kijang. Business is successful because it attracted Shinta and Rama memburunya request. Laksama after a long search for Rama never again Shinta temporarily abandoned and given a magic circle that can not be abducted Rahwana. Protection because it fails to successfully Shinta rapt after Rahwana change themselves into her Durna.

At the end of the story, Shinta successful return of the seized by Hanoman Rahwana, a mercurial figure monkey and brave. However, when brought back, Rama Shinta would not trust it again and thought that has been stained. To prove the purity itself, are required to burn raganya Shinta. Shinta purity as evidenced raganya least it does not burn but increases beautiful. Rama also eventually receive back as a wife.

You will not be disappointed when the show to enjoy this perfect because not only dance and music are prepared. Lighting is such that not only a ray of dumb, but is able to describe certain events in the story. Similarly, in the trappings of each dancer, not only beautify but also able to describe the character of leaders diperankan so that spectators can easily identify even though there is no dialogue.

You also can find not only dance but also interesting scenes such as football games and get the fire dancers berakrobat. Game ball of fire that can be found prepossess Hanoman type that will be burned alive thus successfully burn Alengkadiraja kingdom Rahwana property. While the tumbler can be found when the war with the Hanoman pursuivant Rahwana. Shinta game when the fire would burn itself also to be witnessed.

In Yogyakarta, there are two places to see the Ramayana Ballet. First, Purawisata in Yogyakarta, located in the Brigjen Katamso Road, east of Sultan Palace. In a record-breaking has been the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) in 2002 after the ballet stage every day without ever been absent for 25 years, you will get the dinner package at the same time see the ballet. Watching the other place is in the Prambanan Temple, the place of the original story of Ramayana terpahat in candinya relief.
Ramayana Ballet in Yogyakarta Purawisata

Script: Yunanto Wiji Utomo
Photo & Artistic: Singgih Dwi Cahyanto


Gamelan, a la Java Orkestra

Gamelan music is not clear that foreign. Popularity has penetrated various continents and has been automatically mix music new-jazz gamelan, birth institutions as learning spaces and expressions gamelan music, to the famous gamelan musicians. The gamelan music now can be enjoyed in various parts of the world, but Yogyakarta is the most appropriate place to enjoy the gamelan in the city because this is you can enjoy the original version.

Gamelan developing in Yogyakarta Gamelan Java is a different form of gamelan with Gamelan Gamelan Bali and Sunda. Javanese gamelan has a more gentle tone and slow, unlike the Bali Gamelan Gamelan Sunda smart and a very mendayu-dominated sound dayu and flute. The difference is reasonable, because Java has a distinctive view of life expressed in music rhythm gamelannya.

Java is a view of life expressed in music is harmony gamelannya physical and spiritual life, in harmony, so to speak and act does not display the expression of the explosives-ledak and create tolerance among the people. Exist in the real music is pulling ropes that are fiddle, balanced sound mix kenong, saron kendang and xylophone and gong sound in the rhythm of each cover.

There is no clarity about the history of the emergence of gamelan. The development of gamelan music is the appearance since kentongan, fiddle, hand to mouth, rubbing the thin rope or bamboo to dikenalnya instrument of metal. Development of the next named after the gamelan, the music used to accompany this Pagelaran puppets, and dance. Then at some time after it was established as the music itself and equipped with the voice sinden.

A gamelan consists of several musical instruments, including a set of similar musical instrument drum called kendang, fiddle and zither, xylophone, gong and the bamboo flute. The main components of preparing the equipment is bamboo gamelan music, metal, and wood. Each instrument has a distinctive function in Pagelaran gamelan music, for example, a role close gong music is a rhythm and balance long after the music decorated by gending rhythm.

Javanese gamelan is music with a tone pentatonis. One complete game gamelan consists of two cycles, namely slendro and pelog. Slendro has 5 tones per octave, ie 1 2 3 5 6 [C-D E + GA] with small differences in the interval. Pelog have 7 tones per octave, ie 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [C + D-E F # G # AB] with the difference that large intervals. Gamelan music composition was created with a few rules, which consist of several rounds and pathet, limited by a gongan and melodinya created in the unit that consists of 4 tones.

You can see gamelan music as a distinctive and as escort dance or performing arts such as wayang kulit and ketoprak. As a solitary performance, gamelan music is usually combined with the voice of the cantor Java (called wiraswara male vocalist and female vocalist called waranggana). Gamelan music performed by the gamelan now be a classic or contemporary. One form is a contemporary jazz gamelan-gamelan which is a blend blend music pentatonis and pitched diatonis.

One of the places in Yogyakarta where you can see gamelan performance is the Kraton Yogyakarta. On Thursday at 10.00 - 12.00 WIB held gamelan music as a solitary. Saturday at the same time as the gamelan music performed puppet surrounding skin, while on Sunday at the same time performed by gamelan music as a traditional Javanese dance suite. To see pertunjukannya, you can go to Sri Maganti Bangsal. While the device to see the old gamelan, you can go to another ward Palace which is located further to the rear.
gamelan sound

Script: Yunanto Wiji Utomo
Photo & Artistic: Singgih Dwi Cahyanto

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Artikel Kebudayaan Indonesia


(from www.bamu.dikmentidki.go.id)

OrkesTanjidor has grown since 19th century, developed in rural areas. According to some information, the orchestra comes from the orchestra originally built environment dalarn master-landowner, as landowner Citeureup, near Cibinong.

In general, musical instruments in the orchestra Tanjidor consists of the tool piston, such as wind instrument (a piston cornet), trombone, tenor, clarinet, bass, equipped with a musical instrument at a membrane called the regular drum or drum. With enough equipment to accompany or to accompany the procession.

Performance especially for the place and not moving the tools are often added to the tool gesek as tehyan, and some membranfon such as tambourine, and drum bedug, also with some added equipment perkusi as kecrek, kempul and gong.

Songs were the usual orchestra tanjidor, according to the local term is "Batalion", "Kramton" "bananas", "Delsi", "Was No-no", "Cakranegara," and "Welmes." In the later development of more carries songs such as the Betawi people Surilang "Jali-jali, and so forth, and the songs that the local term known as the Sunda songs mountains, such as" Kangaji "," Oncomlele "and so forth.

Tanjidor groups who are in the area of DKI Jakarta, among other leaders from the Cijantung Nyaat, Kalisari Nawin leaders, Pondokranggon leader Maun, Ceger leaders Gejen.

Regional distribution of Tanjidor, except in the outskirt of Jakarta, is in the vicinity of Depok, Tangerang, Citeureup, Cileungsi, Jonggol, Parung in Bogor Regency, in some places in the area of Kabupaten Tangerang and Kabupaten Bekasi.

As art, the support band Tanjidor especially farmers in rural areas. In general, artists Tanjidor can not rnengandalkan nafkahnya of the results obtained from the field of art. Most of their living from farming in the planting, or small-scale trading.

Community by supporting Tanjidor usually used to enliven hajatan such as weddings, khitanan and so forth, or parties such as the public to celebrate anniversary Independence Proclamation. Until five years dozens of gang-gang Tanjidor a regular road show, the term "Ngamen". Road show that is done mainly at the time New Year's party, both Christian and Imlek.

Need to be, that in accordance with the development of taste and era supporting community, with the usual Tanjidor also carries songs Dangdut. There is also a special present songs Pop Sunda, known as the "Winingan tanji".

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Art Sunda "Buhun" The left

(from the mind-rakyat.com)

Various types of traditional art, especially original art Sunda Sunda buhun nearly extinct as a result many left their own communities. Art as property which is the local culture, arts of Sunda buhun continue successor due to the loss of the art is less appreciated and get the public, and push the modern pop art is considered more attractive.

Teachers of Language and Literature Education University of Indonesia, Prof.. Dr. Yus Rusyana said, traditional Sundanese buhun conditions at this time began to disappear gradually in. "Nowadays the younger generation more like art that comes from outside the arts than the original property of the nation itself," he said, in consultation Tokoh Sunda, Sunda trench Roots Culture Buhun, Monday (14 / 3) in the Hall Office for Culture and Tourism of West Java, Road RE Martadinata 209 Bandung.

The event was attended by a number of prominent arts and cultural Sunda, as Prof.. Saini KM, Prof.. Dr. Karna Yudibrata, Dra. Hj. Popong Otje Djunjunan, Nano S., Euis Suhaenah M. Hum, and The PB Center Pasundan Daum.

Kang Yus-Yus Rusyana so familiar disapa-emphasize that at this time Sundanese art and culture continue to shift. Even Sunda buhun art is art that is difficult ancestor found. In fact, Sundanese art and culture is very rich buhun known value. Start from the relationships between human beings with the Lord, mausia with another man, to a human relationship with nature.

For that, Yus support the various efforts to conserve Sundanese art and culture. "If it is not anticipated with the preservation of the steps, traditions property will become a living history," he said.

Meanwhile, Dra. Hj. Popong Otje Djundjunan said, to excite the perpetrators buhun Sundanese art and culture should be given such a stimulus. "During this respect the art is very rare, although the artists do not ask for the form of material rewards efforts to preserve the art from generation to generation. They only want to have such recognition from the government, "he said.

Sundanese art and culture buhun left the community because of votes monoton so do not have the selling power. Condition is worsened by the lack of public support and capital from the government so that it can be shown more often in the middle of the community.

To preserve Sundanese art and culture, which continues to disappear buhun, Ny. Popong propose that such activity is held or spectacle ekshibisi officially. Art that was held not only the form of art ibing (gerak-red.) but also art tabeuh (percussion), and art sora (voice).

In addition to determining that the arts are the arts of Sunda buhun need to set criteria. "To menentukannya at this time is very difficult because of Sundanese arts have adopted many arts from the outside," he said.

That said senada artists, cultural and art teacher at STSI Bandung, S. Nano. He says, artists Sunda buhun adults is not very appreciated anymore, not only by its own people but also by the government. "If it still got a place, when a certain akan comedy. Local government is often considered to be the artists that burden, "he said.

Told Nano, in a few years kebelakang Sundanese art and culture can be buhun akan become obsolete if not immediately return dilestarikan and developed. "For that it would understand the art and culture in the Sunda buhun not associated with religion or belief that is often between a fence and can not," said Nano. (A-87) ***

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(from http://cianjur.go.id/)

Currently, Tembang Cianjuran often do not become part of an integral showtimes arts events at the reception for guests Sundanese people, such as weddings or khitanan. Sound wave sekar (sinden) diiringan a tunable instrument harp and flute create a more elegant atmosphere, polite, full of humility and friendly-hearted. Sehigga of guests who will come out that have brought atmosphere. If it is said Tembang Cianjuran sunda is music that has a color so enthrall music, elegant, soft and smooth. This was very closely related to the development of the embryo of Tembang and Cianjuran.

Arts Tembang Cianjuran born from the creative sense and intention IX Bupati Cianjur, R. Aria Adipati Kusumaningrat (1834-1861), or more often known as "Dalem Pancaniti". However, it results in ciptaannya, the palace Pancaniti assisted by the artist district, namely: Rd. Natawiredja, AEM and Maing Buleng. This is the third person and then get permission to distribute Dalem Pancaniti songs Cianjuran.

At the time of the RAA Prawiradiredja II (1861-1910), art Tembang Cianjuran enhanced aturannya again. With accompaniment by flute and harp sound, the birth Tembang Cianjuran known until now.

Tembang Cianjuran was originally a music full of prestige of the noble. Thus, the presence Tembang Cianjuran initially cater for officials or high-class society. And therefore also the pertunjukkannya always-on pendopo pendopo district. Usually, for events welcome guests regent official ceremonies or official national holiday.

However, in the growth and development along with the various changes that occur in the community Tembang Cianjuran has become so familiar dimasyarakat. Tembang Cianjuran was that can be enjoyed only by nobility, which evolved into a music rooted in the populist tradition. Now, Tembang Cianjuran very easily found in the catering community marriage cianjur (Sunda).

Tembang Cianjuran it is not as much as other types of art, like pop music. But peminat and it Tembang Cianjuran significant. Some of the artist artists Tembang Cianjuran not develop a more limited on the flute Kacapi Tembang Cianjuran but also flute Kacapi Pop Cianjuran.

Although the storm swallowed modernasi Tembang Cianjuran including type of art that still get a positive response from the global community, received good attendance by all parties. Both local and international community to participate sunda preserve this heritage. Evidence, still found a lot of foreign students who study the arts seriously Tembang Cianjuran. Some of them are students come the United States, Norway, Europe, Japan and other Asian countries.

Learning the Art Sunda Tembang Cianjuran not too difficult, not easy to learn walupun Art Sunda Angklung for example. Level of difficulty learning Tembang Cianjuran depends on the grade level or when they try to play a musical instrument. A beginner who has never once played the same musical instrument flute harp tembang cianjuran approximately akan take 3-6 months to play the type of music you want.

It's not quite fit, if someone just learning how to play instruments and vocal manner Tembang Cianjuran only. For art has cultural riches that are stored. One is the actual meaning behind the stored-versify syairnya. In each of the lyric-syairnya it can find a vocal wisdom (wisdom vowel) form of the natural harmony, balance, humility, affection, etc. policies. Peminat Tembang Cianjuran are required to reveal the messages that are stored in the content syairnya. Tembang Cianjuran now pembeda in the middle of frenetic pop culture that increasingly mengglobal.

Tembang Cianjuran very thick with kesundaannya identity. Akan sangat be pitied when the young people start to leave this art. In the middle of losing the identity crisis of this nation, there is a question that should in kemukakan: If the foreign person with serious learning Tembang Sunda Cianjuran, there are still reasons for the younger generation to leave?.

(Edri Wilastono, S. Sos., Implementing & Information Services Section Office of Information and Communication Kabupaten Cianjur) from various sources ** **